Finding Ordinary within the Extraordinary:

The Superpower Children Need | Dr. Kate Lund | TEDxUNO

Dr. Lund’s talk covers why being ordinary is the greatest superpower for resilient kids. She believes that these days more and more parents, educators and family members are fearful and challenged with raising strong and confident kids. She believes she has a simple antidote for building resilient kids in today’s world. Dr. Kate Lund is a licensed clinical psychologist and performance coach with more than 15 years of experience. Dr. Lund has specialized training in medical psychology from three different hospitals all of which are affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Dr. Lund is an adjunct instructor in psychology at Bastyr University in Seattle. Dr. Lund uses a strengths-based approach in working with students, athletes, parents, and teams to improve their mental game in school, sports and life while helping them to reach their full potential. Additionally, as a former collegiate tennis player, Dr. Lund has a special interest in working with athletes recovering from injury, helping them cope and maintain their mental edge. Dr. Lund writes and speaks on a variety of topics aimed at empowerment and the development of one’s true potential. Dr. Lund has published two books, “Putter and the Red Car” and “Bounce: Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive in School, Sports and Life.” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Imagine if our greatest superpowers could exist simply by discovering the ordinary within the extraordinary? That is exactly what Dr. Kate Lund believes to be at the heart of building resilient communities. She works with passionate parents, motivated athletes and transformational leaders to thrive at peak performance levels and reach their full potential. All it takes is one person, one genuine connection to make a huge difference. That is the power of resilience.


Resilience Consulting

Dr. Lund offers individually tailored programs for parents, educators, community leaders, coaches or anyone who has an active interest in helping children to become resilient and realize their potential.


Dr. Lund speaks on a range of topics related to building resilience and reaching full potential in school, sports and life. She has a special interest in speaking to parents of children struggling with a medical...

Sports Psychology

Dr. Lund offers sports psychology coaching and consulting programs designed to help young athletes (junior, high school and collegiate) improve performance through building emotional control...

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Aristotle believed that the seat of human thought and consciousness was not in the brain but in the heart”. Personally, I have a deep belief that there is a lot of truth in that statement! Dr. Kate Lund has brought a measurable and simple way to help our team identify and understand this process. We believe when elite athletes find a way to connect personal emotions and feelings to the processes in the mind associated with elite level performance special things can happen.

Marc Chandonnet

Hiring Dr. Kate Lund to work with my college golf team has been invaluable for our program. She is an incredible coach and listener. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We have worked hard to build a championship culture at GHC and bringing Dr. Kate onboard has been a real game changer for us. The GHC Men’s Golf Team won their first team event in almost fifty years and we had two players win individually. She has helped the team through the mental blocks and barriers to reach their success in golf and life. Her techniques were perfect for our players to learn to have more resilience in competition; especially coping with tournament jitters. They have gained a more focused mind, rather than riding the wave of emotions and nerves. If you currently have a good program, Dr. Kate can take you to be a great program! Dr. Kate has my highest recommendation.

Ann Swanson

We loved it when Kate came and introduced my second graders to HeartMath. Over a six week period she taught them about the connection between our hearts and our minds. She gave the students strategies and tools to self-regulate, cultivate social-emotional skills, and develop resilience. The students looked forward to her visits each week. The most rewarding aspect was when I heard kids continue to talk about and practice some of those strategies throughout the rest of the school year.

Sandy Figel

Dr. Kate Lund came into my classroom and introduced my students to the ways in which they can find inner peace and reduce anxiety in any situation. As anxiety is on the rise in our lives and children are becoming anxious at young ages, this was such a beneficial program to help students deal with their feelings and get in control of their breathing. HeartMath was a valuable resource for students to use as they tackled school work, extracurricular activities, and peer pressure. As a teacher, I was very thankful and appreciative of Kate taking the time to show me all of the resources that I could use and share with my students as well as guiding us through the lessons. The more that we begin teaching our children to be in better control of themselves, the better choices that they will make in their future.

Estefania Gabriel