Meet Dr. LUND

I am a licensed clinical psychologist of 15 years, peak performance coach, best-selling author and TEDx speaker. My specialized training in medical psychology includes world-renowned Shriners Burn Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centers, all of which are affiliated with Harvard Medical School. I use a strengths-based approached to help my clients improve their confidence in school, sports and life while helping them to become more resilient and reach their full potential at all levels.

I am a certified HeartMath® trainer and use the HeartMath® technology to help clients achieve a state of physiologic coherence; allowing them to maximize their resilience, performance, and potential in all domains. I have developed a program focused on building resilience in children and consults with parents, educators, and coaches in this area. Additionally, my certifications include emotional intelligence assessments (EQ) which I use to provide my clients with a comprehensive picture of their individual emotional intelligence (EQ) strengths and how to use these in fostering a strong performance mindset.

My passions also include working with parents of children with medical illness and athletes recovering from injury, helping them to cope and maintain their focus on the possibility on the other side of the challenge.

Outside of my work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and twin boys exploring the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and these days can often be found on the golf course.