Resilience Consulting

Dr. Lund offers individually tailored programs for parents, educators, community leaders, coaches or anyone who has an active interest in helping children to become resilient and realize their potential.

These programs focus on building the seven pillars of the resilient child which include:

  • Managing Emotions and Tolerating Frustration
  • Navigating Friendships and Social Pressure
  • Sustaining Focus and Attention
  • Developing Courage
  • Building Motivation
  • Finding Confidence
  • Creating Optimism

Sports Psychology Consulting

Dr. Lund offers sports psychology coaching programs designed to help young athletes (junior, high school and collegiate) improve performance through building emotional control, mastering mental preparation, crushing the fear of failure and building strong confidence and trust in their skills and abilities. She also offers the same services to eSports players. Mental toughness gives you an edge both in sports and in life. Bring out your best on the course or on the court by building your mental game.

Are you lacking the edge you need to win?
Get the edge. Mental Game Coaching will help:


Dr. Lund speaks on a range of topics related to building resilience and reaching full potential in school, sports and life.

Some of her most popular programs have included:

  • Finding Ordinary within the Extraordinary: The Superpower our Children Need Most
  • Building the Resilient Student-Athlete
  • Managing Emotion and Tolerating Frustration in School, Sports, and Life
  • Social-Emotional Education to End the Bullying Epidemic
  • Creating a New Normal with Parents of Children with Serious Medical Illness

Dr. Lund is available to speak to parent groups, at schools, hospitals, and sporting events locally and nationally.

Contact Dr. Lund today to discuss consulting packages or to book her for your next event.